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What makes Gallery at First UU unique?

Our entire show is managed by church members and friends, including the fabulous set up and design. The artists' works are not featured in groupings.  Our volunteers arrange the thousands of pieces in a way you might view in your home.  Customers delight in seeing various works displayed according to a color or theme.

Boutique Lady 1 9-16-17.jpg

How do you select your artists?

We have a jury selection process. We use a number of criteria in making decisions on what artwork to accept. In addition to the artistic merits of the work, we take into consideration our space limitations and what will make our show more diverse and interesting. Once an artist has been juried in, there's no need to reapply unless they are submitting work using a different medium.  Interested in becoming one of our artists?  Visit our Info for Our Artists page.

Is there an admission fee?

Kiomi Iwata.jpg

There is no admission charge to the show.

How much does the art cost? Who sets the prices?

Prices range from ten dollars to several thousand dollars.  The artist sets the price for their work.

What do the red dots mean?

The art has been purchased.  Ask a salesperson to help you locate other pieces made by the artist, or pick up contact information from the business card table.

Why do I pick up my purchase after the show?

The art displayed is part of the show. We want to keep the experience of the show consistent from opening night to the final hour.  Portfolio and Boutique items are the exception and can be taken home the day of purchase.

What are the payment options?

We accept cash, check and credit cards.

What is your return policy?

Due to the short time frame of the show, we cannot accept returns.  All sales are final.

Do you sell gift cards?

Due to the short nature of the show, we do not sell gift cards.

I'm an artist.  How do I submit my work?

We are always looking for new artists to feature in our show! Please complete this form before the April 30th with quality images of your work and descriptions of your art. More details can be found on our Artist Info page.

What is the entry fee for artist submissions?

The artist entry fee is $35

How much commission does Gallery earn?

Gallery earns one third of all sales.


How many pieces of art can I enter in the show?

up to:

20 pieces of pottery, ceramics, glass, or small wood items
10 stained glass or mirrors 
30 pieces jewelry (no rings)
3 Wall pieces
25 portfolio items (no framed work, covered)
25 pieces of wearable art

5 pieces of other larger fiber art such as quilts
5 pieces of furniture
20 cards, other paper items, individual or packages
10 books 

Total number of pieces not to exceed 100 items

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