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Call for Student Artists!

We invite student artists to participate! If you
are interested in applying to be in our 2024 show, complete the form below by

April 30, 2024. Submit a high-resolution digital photo of your best piece (in any medium), which you will need to be prepared to sell. Student Artists will show only one piece in Gallery.


Sculpture by Ryland Warner, 17, our youngest artist in the 2022 show.

Our decisions from the jury meeting will be sent out no later than mid-July. If your work is
accepted to be featured in the show, the $35 entry fee will be waived. Gallery takes one-third of the sale price and the rest goes to the artist. Artists simply drop off art the weekend before the show; volunteers do the rest in terms of hanging, displaying, and selling art. Everyone is invited to the exciting opening night reception to meet and chat with other artists and interested customers.

Even if you are not selected this year, we hope you will come see this fabulous art show to
give you an idea of the amazing work that Virginia artists are creating and possibly to inspire
your own art. If you have other questions, please contact us through this website or through Facebook and Instagram: @galleryatfirstuu

If you’re curious to read more about this long-running, community-focused art show, here
are links to a couple of recent articles about Gallery:

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