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May 13 - Deadline for new artists to submit information for the jury process, and for current artists to re-jury a different medium


mid July - Invitations to participate in the show are sent to previous and newly juried artists via email, Gallery at richmonduu dot org. Once artists complete the intent form, an online invoice will follow from a slightly different email address, Gallery at First UU dot rva at gmail dot com.

To ensure you receive these emails, be sure to monitor your spam folder.


August 30 - Deadline for juried and returning artists to submit the artist intent form and payment of $35 (by credit card online or mailed check) to indicate they plan to show with us this year


mid September - Exhibit contracts and other pertinent information will be e-mailed to participating artists

October 2023 dates

Artists drop off their work on one of the following dates:

  • 4 - 8 PM Thursday, October 19

  • 9 AM  - 5 PM Friday, October 20

  • 9 AM to 12 PM Saturday, October 21

Gallery Show Dates for 2023: see show hours here

  • Wednesday, October 25 through Sunday, October 29

Art pick up is between 9 AM and 5 PM Tuesday, October 31

About Us

We support local artists in accordance with  our mission

We have a jury selection process to ensure high quality and diversity of our show. Once we accept an artist through our jury process, artists pay a $35 entry fee for each show they participate in, and Gallery at First UU earns one third of all sales.

Our artists drop off and pick up their art (and a check for sold items), while we do the rest in terms of hanging, display, sales, etc.

Jury Selection Process

Please apply here before May 13th with quality images of your work.

The photos should be representative of your work, but need not be of the work you will be submitting. 

Returning artists do not need to reapply, unless they are using a new medium.

Forms for Juried Artists

Note for art intended for the wall: we will accept a maximum of 3 framed pieces of original art; others should be matted and shrink wrapped to be put in a portfolio.


Payment of artist fees due by 8/30/2023 are handled in one of two ways.


1-Online via a PayPal invoice payment link that you will receive on Tuesday or Saturday following the day the Intent Form was submitted. The link will be sent by email address,

Gallery at First UU dot rva at gmail dot com 


2-Pay by check written to First UU and mailed to 1000 Blanton Avenue, Richmond, VA 23221. 

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