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Gallery at First UU would not be possible without the countless hours and energy of our volunteers.  Discover what role is best for you and join us!

Role: Communications

When: Before, During and After the Show

Use your talents to help get the word out on radio, TV newspapers, magazines, and social media. We handle both external and internal communication.

Laptop, Headset and Mobile Phone

Role: Artist Check-in 

When: Before the Show

Keep track of an amazing array of arts and crafts while getting your own private preview of the show. And, you get to meet the artists!

Art Check In 2 9-16-17.jpg

Role: Data Entry

When: Before, During and After the Show

Your computer input skills are needed for Gallery record keeping.  This is an ongoing effort – before, during (Invoicing), and after Gallery.

Image by Carlos Muza

Role: Order Taker

When: During the Show

The art truly sells itself, but we need you to write up the transactions. Help folks purchase the art throughout the time of the show.  Choose your shift.  Chose two; choose three!


Role: Wrapper

When: During the Show

Wrap purchased boutique and portfolio items so they can be safely transported home

Pick a two-hour shift from opening night until closing.  Wrappers also needed on days that the customers pick up their art.

Gift Wrapping

Role: Customer Art Pickup

When: After the Show

After the close of the show, help customers find the art they purchased to take home and help them purchase more!

Happy Customer

Role: Muscles and Pack Up

When: Before and After the Show

Prepare the church for its amazing transformation.  We need your strong arms, legs and backs to move furniture and displays before and after the show.  Great way to get those steps in.


Role: Setup & Design

When: Before the Show

Your arms and your sense of style will be put to good use to create a fabulous art space!  This happens during the four days before Gallery opens. Let your creative juices flow, but leave your egos at the door!

Art Check in 9-16-17.jpg

Role: Greeter/Security

When: During the Show

Your smile will welcome visitors to Gallery. Pick a two-hour shift from opening night until closing.  Greeters also needed on days that the customers pick up their art.

Flower Shop

Role: Order Delivery (Runner)

When: During the Show

We sometimes call this being a runner but we don’t want you to run!  This job is open to kids 10 and up and involves taking boutique items that have been sold to the cashier.   Great way to get your steps in or burn off energy.


Role: Cashiers / Invoicing

When: During the Show

You get to sit down on this job.  Any day or evening when Gallery is open you tally up the sales and collect the money. Or you provide the data processing support to generate the customer’s invoice.  Both sit down jobs.

Gallery 1989e.jpg

Role: Artist Checkout

When: After the Show

Assist artists in collecting unsold work.

Art Set Up.jpg
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