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Artists Frequently Asked Questions

I'm an artist.  How do I submit my work?

We are always looking for new artists to feature in our show! Please complete this form before the April 30th with quality images of your work and descriptions of your art. More details can be found on our Artist Info page.

How much commission does Gallery earn?

Gallery earns 1/3 of all sales.


How many pieces of art can I enter in the show?

up to:

20 pieces of pottery, ceramics, glass, or small wood items
10 stained glass or mirrors 
30 pieces jewelry (no rings)
3 Wall pieces
25 portfolio items (no framed work, covered)
25 pieces of wearable art

5 pieces of other larger fiber art such as quilts
5 pieces of furniture
20 cards, other paper items, individual or packages
10 books 

Total number of pieces not to exceed 100 items

Do I need to re-jury once I've been accepted?

No, not unless you intend to show a new medium.

What is the entry fee for artist submissions?

The artist entry fee is $35 for every show you participate in. We do not require a fee to apply to our jury process.

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